Vortex’s Binkley Red Prince Apple Bag Receives Awards at 2015 PAC

Photo courtesy of canadianpackaging.com

Photo courtesy of canadianpackaging.com

“If winning awards still counts for anything, then the Binkley Apple Red Prince bag can count by twos: as it was a double winner at the 2015 PAC – Packaging Consortium Global Leadership Awards held earlier this year.

Printed in China via Vortex Packaging, Botden says it was important that the paper-looking plastic bags actually be recyclable. Though originally purchased in 2007 to design plastic packaging and promote the sale of Niagara-grown fruit through improved retail packaging, Vortex Packaging has since expanded its geographical market by servicing customers like Binkley Apples.”

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The Binkley Red Prince apple bags printed by Vortex Packaging won the following awards at the 2015 Packaging Consortium Global Leadership Awards:

  • Gold-PAC Global Leadership Award
  • Applied Arts Design & Craft Award
  • Canadian Packaging Consumers Voice Award

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